Love only grows by sharing

Hello to all you beautiful, Foxy followers! We want to keep you updated on what to expect from our bi-weekly, mega-love blogs. It is our intention to not only keep you abreast of the sexiest, cutest and most fashion-centric mama accessories but also to keep you informed and well versed in the areas of organic, green living for you and your family. This is of the utmost important since we all want our little stars to have the opportunity to co- exist on a thriving, abundant and healthy planet! Most of us have a bit of learning to do in that area; we certainly do! But with a commitment to change for the better and a dedication to love and happiness, we can all call forth a healthier future. We believe in treating everyone and all creatures with kindness, feeding our body temples organically and in making small changes that will make a big difference for our planet and in our lives. As we learn and grow, we want to share with you our new found knowledge in hopes that it will make your life better and your families life glow brighter! Expect nutritional fun facts, green living tips, inspirational stories and quotes as well as examples on how to set your little one up for an outrageously happy and healthy life! Not to mention antidotes to make you laugh and tips on how to be authentically happy! We love hearing your stories, what inspires you, as well as what you’d like to learn more of. That’s what its all about right?! Paying it forward and sharing the love! Please follow along and join our love gang as we share what we learn and love! We are so excited to get to know you all better! Peace, rainbows and Foxy vibes, The Foxy Vida Team P.S. Next week we will be going over the benefits of – To be continued….

“Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” ― Brian Tracy

“I understand that we’re smarter than me. That’s one reason I like the idea of sharing.” ― Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

And the winner is…. But wait, there’s more!


…Christina Keesler!!

Congratulations, Christina!! To claim your prize send an email to, and give us the email address that you entered into the raffle!

Thank you to all who entered! We couldn’t just leave the rest of you hanging, right?! Well, of course not, so we have a special coupon code for all Prego Palooza goers!

Use coupon code: PREGOLOVE15 at checkout through our or our Etsy site!

Thank you and we hope you have a wonderful week!

-Mary & The Foxy Team

Pictures and Info from Prego Palooza!

Thanks to all who came out to enjoy the festivities at Prego Palooza this weekend! We hope that everyone had a super fun time there, and got to partake in raffles, giveaways and meet some amazing vendors! We were honored to attend and meet so many fine individuals, with or without baby bumps, like yourself! We are grateful for the opportunity to infuse your life with fancy.little.things!

*** Stay tuned today for our announcement of our fabulous Raffle Winner!! We will be announcing today at 2pm! ***

We would also like to mention a few of our favorite vendors at the show. We had the chance to sample the delightful offerings of our piers at the show, and this list of impressive folks is the result!

Honorable Mention:

Cocoa Vida Organic Chocolates -By Mary Drobshoff –

Noevir Skin Care -Beauty is Science- By Rojan Agahi-

Nancy Alcott Photography – -She’s offering $75 off any shoot in 2012

Blissful Birthing -Renee Pomeroy, Birth Doula-

Damo Momo -Earth Friendly Wears-

H2O At Home -Natural and Organic Cleaning- Molly Brown-

Hayjac Designs -Personalized Necklaces and Bracelets- Missy Harker

Bloom -Retreat for Mothers, treat for Children-

Atrium Area Prego Palooza

The impressive Wonderful, Amy!