The Sassy, FOXY Satchel

IMG_9622IMG_9779Foxyvida_ 28318 SATCHEL MANNEQUINFoxyvida_ 28270 IVORY TALVIN SDB0314180 SET  Our Foxy Vida Satchel Diaper Bag is the talk of the town! We have designed a gorgeous satchel style bag that transitions absolutely beautifully from diaper bag to a gorgeous bag for mom! Need a carryon for a trip? How about a weekend getaway bag? Maybe a gorgeous everyday carryall? This bag does it all, and will be your favorite bag for way beyond baby!

WhFoxyvida_ 28290 SATCHEL INTERIORen combined with our matching or complimentary, wet bag sets and diaper clutch sets, you end up with the perfect combination of diaper bag and accessories, that can actually make carrying a diaper bag and changing diapers not only easy, but stylish and convenient! Plus, if you have more than one child or twins this bag has more than enough room for everything you need!

Allow me to taFoxyvida_ 28213 BLACK LATTICE SDB0314173 FRONTke you on a demonstration of it’s great features-


Start with the luxurious, high quality, outer fabric. You have your choice of our Black lattice, Tangelo Lattice, or our Ivory Talvin. All of our satchels feature beautiful silver – toned hardware. Outer pockets include our signature “V” pockets on the front, which are great for keeping keys, and your phone handy. There are 2 “bottle” pockets on the sides of the bag. The back of the bag features a large zippered pocket. So, lots of room just on the outside of the bag for all the things we mom’s Foxyvida_ 28217 TANGELO LATTICE SDB0314170 FRONTcarry!

The bag also features handles, which allow plenty of room to throw over your shoulder. We have also included a detachable shoulder strap that allows this bag to also be worn cross body, or even hang from your stroller handle.


The top of the bag features a large zippered opening, which gives you lots of room to get into your bag and find what you need. The interior of the bag has a tan, ribbed, waterproof liner. This liner makes the interior of your bag waterproof, yet keeping with a luxurious feel! Yes, this means those leaky bottles, spilled snacks, and all those baby messes can all be easily contained and easily cleaned up! A little hot water and a sponge is all you need.  3 elastic pockets as well as a large zippered pocket, completes the interior.


We feel that we have designed what most moms are looking for and need in a diaper bag. Being both moms and working women, we have designed our products to go way beyond just diaper changing and the baby years. We have designed our products to work seamlessly together in a collection that is without compare. You’ll never want to be away without your FOXY VIDA.


…And, this is why we love our Satchel!