Vegan leather Crush

designer vegan leather diaper bag

Yes, we put that amazing stuff on everything! Vegan leather, that is. We just love it. It’s on our changing pads and our diaper bag bases. There is something about it that makes us rejoice in the simple fact that we are reducing our eco footprint on the world and saving precious animals lives. These fabrics are extremely durable, and in many cases, all-weather. What’s not super cool about that?

So, the next step for us would be to potentially roll out an all Vegan leather diaper bag for you. It would make use the happiest diaper bag company on the planet! We would only use high-grade and eco-friendly Vegan leathers. And, such high quality that you can see, feel and enjoy day after day. Backed by a money-back, 1 year warrantee. If your bag is not built to last, we will buy it back.

In order to do this, we need your feedback. You have a chance to be at the center of creating history, helping to design bags that you would want to carry –and potentially get free stuff up to $180 value– just for giving us your feedback!

If you are IN, and I mean, ready to step up and give us your massively important opinion, please just copy and paste questions 1 -3 into an email and send to: Your comments will be collected, and one person will win a Foxy bag or their choice.

Just answer these 3 questions. Please be as detailed and specific as you can be: 

1. Vegan leather: YES or NO

2. Colors:

3. Styles: Satchel, Diaper bag, Backpack, or a carryall style(smaller satchel). Add your own.

comments: (optional, but greatly appreciated)

Responses should look similar to this format: 

1. YES

2. Black, periwinkle, beige, bright colors

3. Satchel, backpack. I wouldn’t use a carryall style. I love backpacks.

Please continue to help us make exceptional bags for you. Your opinion is so greatly appreciated!

Contest runs from 4/28 – 5/8. Please tell a friend! The winner will be announced on this blog, following 5/8, as well as contacted directly. For contest rules, click HERE> 

Send to:

THANK YOU TONS! xo- Foxy Vida Team

Elegant and Sophisticated Diaper Bags – by Mom Blog Society

Best Diaper Bag

Elegant and Sophisticated Diaper Bags

Libby from Mom Blog Society say’s our Satchel is “Stunning”, and “The Foxy Vida bag is perfect for my needs”. Enough said? No way! Read her review here: 

Elegant and Sophisticated Diaper Bags from Foxy Vida

FV 1

Foxy Vida has beautiful diaper bags that are for more than just diapers.  These bags can be used as everyday totes, yet are beautiful enough for a night out on the town!

Pick a size that’s just right for your needs.

  • Satchels
  • Diaper Bags
  • Totes
  • Diaper Clutches
  • Wet Bags

FV 2 Collage

If you’re like me and your mantra is the bigger the better, then choose a Satchel.

If you want a small sleek bag, the Diaper Clutch is the bag for you. Totes and Diaper Bags are in between sizes.  Each bag is made in the US.

I received the Black Lattice Satchel Diaper Bag.  This baby is HUGE and very stunning. It could easily be used as a weekender. I love that it has a waterproof lining and the four metal feet on the bottom is a big bonus.  It has so many pockets and the adjustable strap is great.  Versatility is the key word here. I no longer have babies in the home…well except for the four legged kind.  My Service Dog, Gabe, goes everywhere with me.  The Foxy Vida bag is perfect for my needs, since I not only have to bring along my things when I go out, but I also have to have Gabe’s things with me.  Now I can comfortably carry every thing I need in a bag that it absolutely knock dead gorgeous!

FV 2

Here is a list of all the features:

  • Waterproof nylon lining.
  • Nine pockets, including interior and exterior zipper compartments, 3 elastic bottle pockets, 2 side bottle pockets, 2 front V-pockets and a water bottle band.
  • Interior key clip.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Vegan leather base with protective feet.
  • Comfortable featherweight tote handles.
  • Curved zipper closure.
  • 14”H x18”W x4”D
  • Includes vegan leather changing pad: 16″ x 22″
  • Material: cotton/polyester

FV 1 Collage

Foxy Vida for the foxy woman!

If you are looking for a great bag that can be used every day, then think Foxy Vida.  Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

Just when you think you’re at the dead-end….

Yes, it happened. I was down and needed a little encouragement and direction. You know, when you are looking for answers on a certain subject, sometimes it may feel as though you are searching and searching and, why can’t the answer appear right in front of my face? I had that moment where, in my ultimate frustration, I could not see what was literally staring me in the face! Simply because I was wrapped up in the moment of not being able to “see-the-forest-through-the-trees”.

My “tree’s” where just about to be cleared….
Last year for Mother’s day, I received a large beautiful purple Orchid plant. It bloomed like CRAZY, for about 5 months! I was so taken back by its beauty and longevity. Once it lost all of its flowers, I asked my husband (because I do have thumbs but they are definitely not green) “what do we do now, throw it away?” Awful, I know… but true. I sincerely did not know to do with it. I know it’s a plant and maybe we can stick it in the ground and pray for new life to form, but I had to be realistic, and it definitely would not survive if I am it’s maternal caretaker. I can raise the heck out of kids and animals, but plants are another story!
So, my husband suggested we set it by the windowsill, and water it every week, and see what happens. So, that we did. Keep in mind, there was just a lifeless-looking stem after the blooms has all fallen off , that we were caring for.
Fast forward to March 2015. Well “Hello” little tiny bud…. and another, and wait, holy hotdog, another?”-I said. (Obviously talking to my 4yr old) The little “dead” plant was showing the teeny-tiniest bit of life. I was totally shocked! I had zero faith that this little guy was ever going to make it. That was a fantastic moment. But, what made it even more fantastic was about a week later there were about 8 blooming Orchids! But- it gets better. Again, you remember that I was searching, frustrated, “without hope”, trying to find the answer to an issue that I had been facing to metaphorically “see the forest through the trees”. And this little “dead” plant sure taught me a lesson.
You see, I opened my eyes, and here was this plant stem, curved and veering to the left. No blooms to spare and lifeless and hopeless looking. But from that stem there grew life. Life was growing in a new direction. The new stems, where growing to the right. Yes, it was becoming clear to me. My recent path was the stem to the left. Once I reached a dead-end, I thought the journey was over. Ok, bury me now. Throw me out with the trash, I give up, this journey is over. But that journey, no matter the “dead-end” that I was faced with, turned into a door leading into a new direction– New life. New blooming beautiful, life. My journey was not over, I was on the right path. It just took a turn. I had the opportunity to use that experience to cultivate a new direction, and it was my choice to take it and run!

I have been on that path for about 2 weeks now, and I have to say, it’s a roller coaster, but I like the feeling of being able to cultivate a new experience instead of scaling my energy back and just calling it a “failure”. Our failures are our biggest tools for advancing ourselves, and ultimately become our successes. It’s all a matter of perception and if we are willing to love ourselves and get right back up and bloom– in another direction sometimes.

Thanks for reading the longest blog of my career thus far! I hope you enjoyed and will share. If you dig it, I will write more!

xo, to the tenth power! -MaryIMG_1422 IMG_1421 IMG_1424