A very familiar feeling…

Chevy Spark looks a lot like....

I love american made just about anything. So, naturally, that love is also for American made cars. This weekend, my hubby and I had the rare pleasure of escaping town just the two of us. We rented a Chevy Spark, knowing that it was an economy car. Neither of us knew anything really about the car other than we were sure it was like a Chevy Cruise or something maybe a little smaller. We had once rented a Cruise before and really enjoyed it. So, here we are on the rental car lot when “beep beep… here comes our car! My immediate reaction was, ‘where is the other half?’ This sucker is TINY!! Seriously, move over Fiat!!! Theres a new toy car in town!

Needless to say we had so much fun with it because it turns on a stinking dime, and parks just about in motorcycle parking. After the weekend, we were like, ‘Who needs the other half anyways- it would have just slowed us down!!’


Life’s a beach & we are ready for it!

Pick up this awesome combo Weekender Tote & Wet bag set in Navy Ahoy! The tote size is adjustable and the wet bag has a place to store wet swim suits, wet towels, lunch, bottles, etc! Ready, set GO!

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Tote & Wet bag set Navy Ahoy
Tote & Wet bag set Navy Ahoy


WOW that was AMAZING!! Thanks all of our fans who cashed in BIG at our 50% SALE!!! We almost sold out of multiple styles, making it a HUGE success for everyone!! Enjoy those Wet Bags!!! 

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