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Since we here at Foxy Vida have children of all ages, we are always looking for new meal ideas that are quick, and easy for everyone! Whether you are making these meals to send along to school, or at home, we found this blog full of great ideas! We hope it will make your meal times a bit easier!

50 Easy-to-Make Lunch Ideas That’ll Make Your Little One the Happiest Kid in the Cafeteria

Hi all!

Isn’t it funny how quickly time flies when we’re having fun, but drags when we aren’t having fun? We have one more week left before Summer break is over for us on this side of Cali, so we’re stretching the fun with one more outing planned for the Summer before my kiddos start school. You might only see one or two posts in the next two weeks on here, while we soak up what free time we have left, but don’t worry, I got good things coming your way! I’m working on putting a series of quick 30-minute meals together to share next month for the busy days ahead of us, so stay tuned!

Right now, my head is wrapped around the fact that my little man is going to start preschool next week, and I need to start brainstorming lunch ideas that both kids will actually eat. I’ve come up with a general list, just brainstorming here. Wanna see?!

I broke it down into two sections designed to fit into the lunch containers that we use. I typically use the biggest section for proteins and carbs, the smaller ones for fruits, veggies, and other little snacks.


The list is based on what I know MY children WILL eat. They are somewhat picky eaters, so I tried to stick to the food I know for a fact they like. I even asked them for some suggestions and included most of them here. You can totally mix and match them, although I did try to match them by number according to what I might pair the entrées with just to help me out later.

A lot of the items on the entrée list will also eventually be posted as recipes to share how I made them or put them together. A few of them are also part of the 30-minute meal series that I will be starting in September.

I hope this at least helps you get some ideas that are not just sandwiches and wraps. That’s one of the problems I had last year, not getting creative enough and offering a variety. Toward the middle of the school year, my daughter got bored of sandwiches, so I started sending leftovers from dinner, prepackaged food, and other snacks she likes. This year should be better.

If you have any other ideas, or have some favorites of your own, please feel free to share them in the comments below. I’m sure there are other parents looking for a change in their lunch menu as well.

Oh, and don’t forget to share the list! Help another Mama out ;).

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A Foxy Friday Funny!!

Enjoy this Foxy Friday Funny from one of our favorite parenting blogs, Make sure you go follow them!  Happy Friday!

***Why Parents Make The Best Employees***

Nothing compares to the on-the-job training children provide. To prove my point, below are ten skills parents possess that make them invaluable to the workforce…

  1. Parents can last six weeks with little to no sleep, and still do one hell of a job.
  1. Parents not only have a stone cold poker face, standoffs and bluffs are their specialty.
  1. Parents have the patience it takes to deal with even the most childish needs-their-ass-wiped boss.
  1. Parents are pros at cleaning up messes they didn’t make, with minimal to no complaints.
  1. Spending the day surrounded by children making messes and whining, making it near impossible to get anything productive done is par for the course for a parent. In fact, they are so used to it, they’ve got crafty ways to work around that nonsense.

  1. Parents can spend hours faking interest in a task, game or event and still manage to rock a smile the entire time.

7. While repetition of the same thing every damn day bores most, to Parents, it’s nothing new.

  1. Parents are used to working their ass off and getting very little recognition or appreciation.
  1. Parents are professional hand-feeding, tear-drying, ass-wiping, problem-solving, arbitration dynamos. Needy bosses and lazy co-workers are no different than their child(ren).
  1. Parents can smell a ‘Load o’ Poo’ from a mile away, and what’s more, they know instantly if its hot air or real turds.