It’s that time of year again! Here are some great suggestions for starting your Back to School Routine!

Smoothing the Start of the School Year

It’s August… that means three, four, even five more weeks of summer vacation depending upon your child’s first day of school. Summer time and the livin’ is (still) easy!

Even though the reliability of the school year schedule actually makes life easier for most children and parents, getting back into the swing of things can be a real challenge. There are so many adjustments to be made from the more carefree summer life to the hurry-up-we’re-going-to-be-late-school year.

A mindful transition from summer to the school year, done gradually and purposefully before school actually starts, will go a long way towards easing that transition.

Here are some tips for starting the school year off smoothly:

Mind your attitude. Not all children are excited about the start of school, but a positive attitude can be contagious. Instead of saying things like, “Your teacher won’t allow that kind of behavior in school,” try being positive by saying, “I know your teacher will be so excited to hear all about our trip to the mountains.”

Help an older child get fired up about what he might learn this school year: “This is the year that you get to study astronomy. I can’t wait for you to teach me which star is which.”

Introduce your child’s school night bedtime before school starts. School-age children need 9 to 11 hours of sleep, and while they get that during the summer, it usually starts later than is good for a school night. Seven days before the start of school, begin bedtime 15 minutes earlier. Each night, take it back a few more minutes, until you get to the desired bed time.

Your child should awaken naturally in the morning after she has the amount of sleep she needs. If she does not, you will need to adjust her bedtime earlier. She needs to become accustomed to getting up at the time that works for her and for you on school days.

Introduce your school night routine at the same time, a full week before the actual start of school. While you may have allowed TV or tech time before bed in the summer, it may not be a great way to get your child calm and ready for bed on a school night. Go back to your routine of bath/shower, books and tuck time. Get back to your low-key rituals that include an intimate bed time chat, downloading his day.

Adjust your morning routine. A week before school begins, introduce the school morning routine. A sure-fire way to start the morning out right — without fights about clothing and the like — is to follow this schedule:

1. Snuggle time (Hopefully even your older kids still crave it!)

2. Get dressed (Beginning at 4 years old, children choose their own clothing, hopefully laying their outfits out the night before.)

3. Eat breakfast, but only after your child is fully dressed. (If you are worried that he will get his school clothes dirty, throw on one of your old t-shirts over his clothes.)

4. Brush teeth.

5. Bonus time! (a few minutes on the computer, a quick game of Uno!)

Designate and make ready a homework place. For even the most reluctant child, there’s nothing quite like new school supplies. (Remember?!) After you have shopped with your child, decide with him where he will do his homework. Not only should he have his notebook supplies, but also he can feather his homework nest. The more involved he is, the more willing he will be to settle down and get to work.

When the school year begins…

Create routines. Whether it’s the way your child helps you make lunches, when and where he does his homework or when he does his chores, routines help the child to stay on track.

Have rules. Each family will have a different idea about TV during the week, computer and tech time, etc… Have a family meeting to discuss your ideas. Be sure to solicit your child’s opinion, and compromise where you can. Children who are involved in the rule- making are more likely to stick to them.

Do as much as you can do the night before. Help your child lay out his clothes (if necessary); set the table for breakfast; make the lunches; put the grounds in the coffee maker; put trip slips, backpacks and anything that needs to go to school by the exit door.

Set your own alarm clock earlier. I know you’ll hate this one and I am sorry. But hurrying is the enemy of children. Set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier than you think you need. If you are not rushed, you will be more relaxed with your child. You will be just that much more available to your child, and he won’t need to act out to get your attention. A chaotic, hurried atmosphere doesn’t make for a great school day send off.

Overestimate your family’s prep time. However long you think it will take everyone to get ready for school… double it! If there is extra time, spend it doing something fun, even unexpected with your child. It will help to start her day off happily, and it is much better than rushing her.

Eat breakfast together. Spending a little quality time at the breakfast table together (not reading the paper, not checking email, not focused on the food that is or isn’t being eaten!), goes a long way toward filling your child’s tank. His moments with you will stay with him throughout his whole day, reminding him that he belongs to a family who loves him.

Vegan leather Crush

designer vegan leather diaper bag

Yes, we put that amazing stuff on everything! Vegan leather, that is. We just love it. It’s on our changing pads and our diaper bag bases. There is something about it that makes us rejoice in the simple fact that we are reducing our eco footprint on the world and saving precious animals lives. These fabrics are extremely durable, and in many cases, all-weather. What’s not super cool about that?

So, the next step for us would be to potentially roll out an all Vegan leather diaper bag for you. It would make use the happiest diaper bag company on the planet! We would only use high-grade and eco-friendly Vegan leathers. And, such high quality that you can see, feel and enjoy day after day. Backed by a money-back, 1 year warrantee. If your bag is not built to last, we will buy it back.

In order to do this, we need your feedback. You have a chance to be at the center of creating history, helping to design bags that you would want to carry –and potentially get free stuff up to $180 value– just for giving us your feedback!

If you are IN, and I mean, ready to step up and give us your massively important opinion, please just copy and paste questions 1 -3 into an email and send to: Your comments will be collected, and one person will win a Foxy bag or their choice.

Just answer these 3 questions. Please be as detailed and specific as you can be: 

1. Vegan leather: YES or NO

2. Colors:

3. Styles: Satchel, Diaper bag, Backpack, or a carryall style(smaller satchel). Add your own.

comments: (optional, but greatly appreciated)

Responses should look similar to this format: 

1. YES

2. Black, periwinkle, beige, bright colors

3. Satchel, backpack. I wouldn’t use a carryall style. I love backpacks.

Please continue to help us make exceptional bags for you. Your opinion is so greatly appreciated!

Contest runs from 4/28 – 5/8. Please tell a friend! The winner will be announced on this blog, following 5/8, as well as contacted directly. For contest rules, click HERE> 

Send to:

THANK YOU TONS! xo- Foxy Vida Team

Fun Day at Heroine Boutique

Gorgeous sunny day!
Handmade Trunk show sign
Almost as sweet as our customers today!
Silliness is a job requirement!
Fun times with my Foxy gals!
Spending the day with my gals is awesome!
Tangerine Diaper clutch
Gorgeous dresses!
Foxy Vida table
Storefront at Heroine Boutique

IMG_6832 IMG_6800 IMG_6772 ….Add a touch of sun, some gorgeous threads, one amazing shop, and you have a recipe for a perfect day in San Francisco! We are head-over-heels for Heroine Boutique, and the amazing folks that make this place so special. We had our fist Trunk show of the season here, and could not have had a better time! The boutique is a luxurious and modern mix of maternity and women’s wear, organic and locally-designed clothing and gifts for mini heroes & heroines. The best array of vintage and vintage inspired jewelry, and an amazing assortment of Foxy Vida diaper bags! As well as being an incredible shop, Heroine supports charities benefiting families and children in need. Whenever you are in San Francisco, stop in and take in the sights and experience the magic inside this special Noe Valley shop!

A special Thanks, to Jessie Sartain for her amazing photography of this event!
Heroine Boutique
4100 24th street, San Francisco.

Foxy Vida Trunk Show at Heroine Boutique SF!

sl4 sl3 sl2 slAnd you thought that San Francisco couldn’t get any hotter for mom gear! Now mom’s have a place to go to find exclusive baby gear and the latest trends along with unique vintage dud’s. Shopping has never been this unique and intriguing of an experience as you will find at Heroine Boutique, in the heart of Now Valley, S.F. Here you will find Foxy Vida bags, for the super-heroine in you! Our bags are made with “no-fuss function” in mind. All the right pockets and nooks and not all the extra fluff that you don’t. There will be no searching for keys, or freaking out if you spill milk in a pocket. Our bags have features like a key clip, and a little thing called a waterproof lining! Add in our extra deep interior elastic bottle pockets, and a handy cell phone pocket and you pretty much have the bag of your dreams, mom. A portion of proceed will go to help Children of Shelter’s charity. So, come out and support a good cause, shop our latest collection and limited editions, all while you have your morning coffee or mimosa! Invite another mom to enjoy this experience. It will be a day to remember! June 1st, from 10am – 1pm. Imagetrunk show, diaper bags, limited edition bags, designer bags, Foxy Vida, san francisco shopping

Foxy Vida’s next generation of Gypsy Bags

Our Gypsy bags are one of my favorite items that we make and sell! These bag designs have made my life so much easier, and stylish! They are designed to hold all of your goodies (wallet, keys, makup, phone, etc) and travel between your diaper bag, and your “regular” handbag. This helps the switch-out process become way less of a hide-and-seek game. You know how that darn diaper bag can eat things up! Although, if youre like me- my “regular” handbag seems to be my diaper bag these days. But ladies, I do have the itch to go out to dinner without toting the tot and bringing the luggage!… Yes- you do too!?!

I get compliments almost anytime I whip this baby out!

We will keep striving to bring original and amazing bags for storage and organization to the marketplace, for the busy mom on the go! Oh, did I mention that all of our items are handmade and often limited editions? That’s right. You are a one-of-a-kind, so go pick out your bag, and be the rockin’ mom that you are!

Peace, love and Foxiness! -Mary

Gypsy Bag Blue Bali