Foxy Vida’s next generation of Gypsy Bags

Our Gypsy bags are one of my favorite items that we make and sell! These bag designs have made my life so much easier, and stylish! They are designed to hold all of your goodies (wallet, keys, makup, phone, etc) andĀ travel between your diaper bag, and your “regular” handbag. ThisĀ helps the switch-out process become way less of a hide-and-seek game. You know how that darn diaper bag can eat things up! Although, if youre like me- my “regular” handbag seems to be my diaper bag these days. But ladies, I do have the itch to go out to dinner without toting the tot and bringing the luggage!… Yes- you do too!?!

I get compliments almost anytime I whip this baby out!

We will keep striving to bring original and amazing bags for storage and organization to the marketplace, for the busy mom on the go! Oh, did I mention that all of our items are handmade and often limited editions? That’s right. You are a one-of-a-kind, so go pick out your bag, and be the rockin’ mom that you are!

Peace, love and Foxiness! -Mary

Gypsy Bag Blue Bali